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THE GREAT GEOMETRIC MULTIVERSE TOUR is currently free to keep on Steam for anyone who picks up their copy of this first-person, bullet hell, arcade shooter for Windows, macOS, and Linux (thanks SteamDB via Ant). Here's more on the game:
LIBERATE THE GEOMETRIC PEOPLE AND SAVE THE MULTIVERSE! Fight through the randomly chosen universes of the Geometric Multiverse, arming yourself to the teeth with insane weaponry and mutating your mind, body, and soul with the unrelenting power of genetically altering pills.


  • Fast paced, bullet hell, arcade shooter
  • Roguelike play style (But what game isn't these days, amirite?)
  • Randomized pickups, for better or worse (Oh yeah, they stack)
  • 4 game modes, for even more ways to play
  • Increasingly difficult combat
  • Scores so big, you'll probably have to look up how to say the number (We know we did)
  • Self-explode, to get yourself out of those tight situations
  • Over 20 cheats, for when you feel like just messing around
  • Into leveling up? We got 1,000 of em
  • Pills that modify you, your enemies, your weapons, the environment, and pretty much anything in between