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GOG GALAXY 2.0 Beta Updated announced the latest improvements in beta of version 2.0 of their GOG GALAXY client as they work to build a master client for all your game accounts. Those interested in participating in the beta can sign up here (a account is required). This video discuses the changes, which are detailed below:
Global Search
Find games, friends, or metadata with the new search button (or Ctrl+F/CMD+F). Quick actions like launching games or starting a chat are also available from Global Search.

Manual game adding
Games found with Global Search can be marked as owned, and then linked to an executable for launching and game time tracking.

Downloads view
Manage your active, queued, and completed downloads from a new section that appears in the sidebar automatically (for GOG.COM games only).

Grid and list views customization
New columns are available in the library list view. Reorder and toggle columns in the list view, customize additional info shown in the grid view, or sort and group with new options.