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Nicalis Founder Apologizes

A tweet from Tyrone Rodriguez has a response from the Nicalis founder to allegations of his abusive and discriminatory comments (thanks He offers apologies, and says that his own behavior should not reflect on his colleagues:
I wrote some terribly insensitive, stupid remarks in DMs that don't represent who I am. Just because they were done in a private situation while trying to be "funny" and edgy doesn't make them any less terrible.

As someone who has experienced racism and discrimination in my lift, I should know better and must be a better person. I can't throw around words for shock value or because I believe they'll get a laugh.

I want to also clarify that my insensitivity and vulgarity shouldn't reflect on the people I work with. They're good people and shouldn't be held responsible for my own actions

If I've hurt you—and I wasn't aware until today that I might have—I hope you can forgive me someday.