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Encased Early Access This Month

Publisher Black Tower Entertainment and developer Dark Crystal Games announce that September 26th is when to expect Encased to enter Early Access on and Steam. An Early Access Teaser Trailer offers a gameplay-free look at this post-apocalyptic RPG, which was financed through crowdfunding. Here's word on their Early Access strategy and the game itself:
At the start of Early Access, players will be able to complete the prologue and first act of the game. You will play as an employee of the CRONUS Foundation, recruited to live in and study the anomalous zone known as the Dome. During an expedition, the player triggers a mysterious incident that leads to a cycle of events that will forever change the world under the Dome. The initial Early Access release will feature 10+ hours of gameplay. In addition to the main quest, players will have the option to pursue several side-quests, develop skills and character attributes, participate in multiple turn-based battles, and explore some of the open world and CRONUS fortifications.

During Early Access, we will be releasing regular updates to significantly increase the amount of available content, locations, and quests.

Key features:

  • A story that covers events before, during, and after the apocalypse;
  • Your choice of main character archetype from five different divisions, each with unique possibilities;
  • A system of skill trees and abilities offering flexible hero customization;
  • Classic turn-based combat;
  • Anomalies and artifacts left behind by the mysterious Forefathers;
  • Open world and non-linear main quest progression;
  • A variety of weapons and armor, without which it would be impossible to survive in this cruel post-apocalyptic world;
  • Hundreds of unique characters and a global sandbox map with a variety of random encounters;

Independent studio Dark Crystal Games, founded by several former Larian Studios developers, has been working on Encased for about two years. During this time, the team has successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign, released an interactive questionnaire for players, and performed countless closed alpha and beta tests.