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Civilization VI Adds Battle Royale Mode

An announcement on Steam has details on a September 2019 update for Sid Meier's Civilization VI that adds a new Red Death game mode, which adds battle royale, of all things, to the turn-based strategy game. This "very serious and not-at-all humorous video" shows off what to expect, and here are the details from the announcement:
Hello, Civilization fans! As you saw in our September 2019 Update preview video (catch up below if you have yet to watch it), we have been working hard to release the September 2019 game update for Civilization VI. We are happy to share the update is available now!

The Civilization VI - September 2019 update also includes a new multiplayer mode: Red Death. In this new mode, try to outwit and outmaneuver other players as you all race to board the last space ship off the planet. For more info, watch this very serious and not-at-all humorous video: