Kung Fu Jesus Announced Redux

Update: If this story seems familiar, it's because it was posted yesterday in a mistaken violation of an embargo request. Apologies to all for the confusion. As Daffy Duck would say, let's try that again: Celestial Gold Studios announces Kung Fu Jesus, a one-developer fighting game planned for release next year. We have a press release describing this as "the type of heady hallucinogenic cocktail you might end up with if you threw Blade Runner, Ninja Gaiden and LSD: Dream Emulator into a blender and chugged the entire resulting concoction down in one delicious gulp." The Announcement Trailer is at least as bizarre as that sounds, so brace yourself. The Kung Fu Jesus Website is online, as is the game's Steam Listing. Here's more:
Enter a madcap world of organised crime, alternate dimensions, and intense martial arts, in a genre-busting action-adventure like no other. From invigorating kung fu combat, to lonely drives across alien landscapes, Kung Fu Jesus invites you to wake up, seek the truth, and free yourselves from the shackles of everyday reality.

Explore alien landscapes and celestial planes, battling men and gods alike with visceral martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Follow Kung Fu Jesus from his origins as a down-and-out deadbeat, as he discovers his true nature and journeys toward his ultimate fate.

Kung Fu Jesus borrows from fighting games, action-adventures, action-RPGs and more, to create an intoxicating mixture of genres and gameplay styles. One moment you'll be fending off a katana-wielding mobster along high-tech city streets; the next you'll be piloting alien vehicles across the surface of an otherworldly planet.