Alec Holowka Dead

Alec Holowka has died by his own hand, reports, just days after being accused of abuse. This was announced by Holowka's sister on Twitter. Her account is now marked as private, but they offer quotes from what she wrote:
In announcing Holowka’s passing, Eileen Holowka said that she believes “survivors and I have always done everything I can to support survivors, those suffering from mental illnesses, and those with chronic illnesses.” Eileen goes on to say that her brother suffered from abuse and battled mental illness and a personality disorder during his life. She describes her brother as someone “who wanted only to offer people care and kindness. It took him a while to figure out how.”

Alec Holowka, my brother and best friend, passed away this morning.

— Eileen Mary Holowka (@derangedpoetess) August 31, 2019

Eileen said that Holowka became a new person in recent years, thanks to a combination of therapy and medication. Eileen says that Holowka was “calm and happy, positive and loving.” In the wake of the allegations made by Zoe Quinn, Eileen said that her brother had been receiving support from the Manitoba crisis services. Eileen adds, “[Holowka’s family] tried our best to support Alec, but in the end he felt he had lost too much.” The statement finishes with the words, “For anyone who is in a time of darkness, I encourage you to reach out for support. There are always people who will be there for you.”

Holowka followed up the tweeted message by saying, “And in case it’s not already f****** obvious, Alec *specifically said* he wished the best for Zoë and everyone else, so don’t use our grief as an excuse to harass people. Go outside, take care of someone, and work towards preventing these kinds of things in the first place.” Eileen Holowka also works in gaming as a developer and was given a special thanks credit on “Night in the Woods.” In the fallout from her brother’s suicide, Eileen said that she does not see a future for herself in gaming.