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Out of the Blue

Seems I missed National Waffle Day yesterday (thanks Boing Boing). First off, if anything can bring the whole world together, it's waffles, so maybe it's for the best to actually celebrate March 25th, which is regarded as more of an international Waffle Day. Second off, I never seem to manage to take advantage of the giveaways associated with such events, but we've finally unpacked enough of our possessions that I now know where our waffle iron is, so I think I'm going use this as an excuse to fire it up anyway. Mmmmm, waffles.

Waffling Links: Thanks Ant and RedEye9.
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Station crew to clear new port for second Soyuz docking attempt.
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Images: The Pebble Beach Concours in pictures- plenty of posh cars and a parrot.
First day at school: Mum's before-and-after photos of daughter go viral.
Media: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Date Announcement
I Really, Really, Really Like This Image.
Man shows impressive barehanded grip on South African cliff. You're freakin' me out, dude.
Follow-up: There were no guidelines for fecal transplants. Then, a patient died.