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New Version of ELEA Released

A new version of ELEA is now available on Steam, offering an update to this first-person science fiction adventure originally released almost one year ago as Elea - Episode 1. That initial release remains available to owners, who also receive the new version, which will be the only version sold going forward. The new release boasts improvements, and seemingly ties up the episodic loose end, as it no longer carries that in the title. This trailer celebrates the new version, and this Steam announcement explains further:
I'd first like to apologize for the lack of updates from our side. As Marten has already mentioned, we ran into some complications that led to us having to postpone the update. Nonetheless, we are very happy to let you know that you can now explore the updated version of Elea!

For everyone that has been with us from the start; don't worry, this new version of Elea will soon be pushed to your Steam library for free!

So what's new in this updated version of Elea? Here are the Patch Notes again of the last update:

  • New asynchronous save system with more checkpoints (almost double in number) is implemented. It’s faster, stutterfree and way more secure.
  • A new dynamic lighting system is introduced in the game. It uses volumetric lights and effects, and makes the realistic PBR shaders in the game to shine in their complete beauty.
  • The PC version is optimized to make use of the new generation of video cards, allowing users to play at very high FPS and benefit from better shadows, anti aliasing, anisotropic filtering, screen space reflections and post-processes profiles.
  • New scenes are introduced in the game.
  • New object highlight mechanic is introduced (this was heavily suggested by players).
  • The memory management is improved and this leads to faster loading and better overall performance.
  • A lot of new visual effects, assets and sounds are introduced.
  • There is a new option, that allows players to skip conversations / subtitles (this option can be controlled via the settings screen).
  • We’ve updated all interaction icons and the whole experience in the game worlds.
  • The localization is updated.
  • Overall there are more than 200 bug fixes and additions.

Thanks for the support and we hope you’ll enjoy Elea!