The Settlers Next Year

Ubisoft announces their reboot of The Settlers will settle onto PCs next year. They demonstrate their commitment to the plan by offering preorders through Uplay and the Epic Games Store, saying committing to this in advance earns you an exclusive decorative Statue of the First Settlers, which can be placed in any of your settlements. In case that seems too straightforward, they spice things up by offering a choice between a Standard Edition, a Gold Edition, an Entdecker Edition for Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland, and a Collector's Edition for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They celebrate the news with the Official Gamescom 2019 Trailer. Here are some details on the game:
The Settlers can be played both in PVE and PVP, and features three modes for players to enjoy: Campaign, Skirmish and Multiplayer. Powered by Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, the game will use the new procedural map generation technology of landscapes and missions, bringing to players an authentic sense of discovery, exploration and uniqueness.

Players who immerse themselves in The Settlers’ colourful open world will discover stunning visuals and the innumerable details of the Wuselig, or bustling, feeling, specific to the brand’s DNA.

Among the features in the upcoming installment, The Settlers will offer alternative methods of victory, including:

  • The Combat strategy: Players would control full armies of different units, taking on and defeating enemy armies to take over or defend their territory. Special units such as army leaders can have a positive effect on their troops.
    The Glory strategy: Players would select a hero character who will fight in the arena against the enemy. Once a player initiates a battle, spectators representing both sides will gather at the arena to watch the battle. Winning a fight can lead to dissatisfaction among the defeated party. This however can lead to revolts, allowing the player to take over the enemy territory.
    The Faith strategy: the third winning strategy will allow players to inspire Faith amongst Settlers and will be detailed at a later date.