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Out of the Blue

My new Aeron chair arrived Friday as expected, and it has quickly changed my self-diagnosis about the pain in my butt. Sitting in it provides complete relief, and I've grown to realize there something incongruous about thinking this is a strained muscle if the pain comes or goes completely like an on/off switch based on how I'm sitting or standing. So now I think I really do have sciatica, as diagrams of the sciatic nerve show this is exactly the path my discomfort follows. I resisted this because I don't think I have disc problems or spinal stenosis, which are the typical causes of sciatica. But sitting properly is described as one of the ways to help this go away, so it seems to follow sitting improperly, like I was doing in my replacement chair, might cause it to come on. So I am extremely happy about the decision to get a new Aeron chair to replace the old one, as sitting in it is a relief, and it seems to be helping my problem diminish over time. Any married man will appreciate that the only downside is having to admit to MrsBlue that she was completely right about this. But it's not the first time since we've been together that I've had to eat crow, and it certainly won't be the last.

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