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Nauticrawl: 20,000 Atmospheres Next Month

Publisher Armor Games and developer Andrea Interguglielmi announce Nauticrawl: 20,000 Atmospheres will arrive on Steam on September 16th, offering what they enigmatically call an "enigmatic" adventure. A new trailer accompanies the news, showing off the game's "oppressive atmosphere, and the complex and mysterious vehicle in which the game unfolds." Here's more on what to expect:
Attempting to escape the terrifying sentinels on a distant planet, players will need to learn how to pilot a Nauticrawl - a giant metal vehicle, designed only to be used by the ruling elites. With buttons, levers and displays abound, it will take perseverance, experimentation, and a whole lot of ingenuity to make it off this wretched rock.

With every failure meaning the start of a new run, Nauticrawl is certainly a challenging experience. But as players learn their way around the vehicle's dashboard, master the controls and figure out the displays, they will begin to uncover an engaging science-fiction story as they eke their way toward salvation.

Nauticrawl creator Andrea Interguglielmi said: "Nauticrawl was my playground as a kid, piloting made-up submarines and huge robots. It's a mix of my teenage gaming years, spent in space combat simulators and text adventures. The outcome is an experience that talks straight to our curiosity, our desire to pull all the levers and explore worlds that can't be seen, only imagined."