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G2A vs. Unknown Worlds Follow-up

Kotaku has more follow up to the back-and-forth between keyseller G2A and Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds. A tweet from Charlie Cleveland of Unknown Worlds said G2A should pay them $300K based on G2A's promise to reimburse developers tenfold for credit card chargebacks caused by the keyseller. G2A countered saying that their company did not exist when the fraud Charlie cited took place. After initially defending his case, Charlie has backed down, telling Kotaku that he could not pin this episode on G2A, though he still holds them responsible for malfeasance since then:
Cleveland now tells Kotaku that he can’t blame G2A for that exact incident involving gray market keys, but he maintains that his games’ keys are sold on G2A’s marketplace and G2A negatively impacts his business. He said he has repeatedly asked the marketplace to remove them, too. “They’ve never done it,” he said. “They just change the conversations to us selling our keys formally through them.”