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Out of the Blue

Happy International Lefthanders Day, a celebration of those who favor their sinister side. MrsBlue and I are each somewhat ambidextrous, with me favoring the right hand and her favoring the left. So if she is not fully qualified to celebrate, then between the two of us we should be.

Links: Thanks Ant.
Play: Vega-Man.
Links: Momís Investigation Into Why This Restaurant Keeps The AC Up So High Has Concluded That Itís Because They Want Their Customers To Freeze.
Stories: Americaís Forgotten Nuclear Disaster Is Still Poisoning Navajo Lands 40 Years Later. Thanks Digg.
Burglary Suspects Foiled by Meddling Comic Book Store Owner. Thanks Boing Boing.
Science: Alzheimer's Disease Annihilates The Brain Cells That Keep Us Awake, Scientists Believe.
Why donít our brains explode when we watch movies? Thanks Max.
Images: The 5th Element: Zorg ZF1. Thanks Acleacius.
National Videogame Museum. Thanks Acleacius.
The modern version of a 1950s invention. Parallel arcing. Thanks Acleacius.
Media: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov: Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver.
First trailer for Dolemite Is My Name pays tribute to a blaxploitation legend. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Simone Biles Debuts New Beam Dismount.
Truck Pulls gone bad. NSFW.