Out of the Blue

I asked recently for opinions on the humidity levels in my semi-subterranean lair here at the BlueTower. The follow-up is that we got a dehumidifier going down here yesterday. This has already made a difference, as the 24 hour history on my hygrometer shows a high of 63%, but it's now down to 47%, which is pretty close to ideal. You can definitely tell the difference already, the air feels and smells drier, so I'm happy with the decision. We also found what appears to be a drain in the storage area after moving a bag of salt that was covering it. This seems to have some debris in it, so we need to figure out if it's an actual working drain. If it is, I'll be able to run a hose into it from the dehumidifier and not need to manually empty its reservoir, which would be convenient. But either way, it's nice to have a handle on the situation.

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