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Wreckfest Free Update Next Month

THQ offers a new Sheriff, the Crasher Trailer from Wreckfest to celebrate the upcoming launch of this road rage series for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They also announce that when the console versions arrive on August 27th they will be releasing some free content for those who are already playing the game on PCs. Here's word on what they will be bringing to the Windows edition:
Do existing owners of Wreckfest (PC) get anything when the console version launches?
YES! On August 27 Wreckfest will receive a big free update, including:

  • 3 entirely new tracks and 1 new derby arena
  • 3 new crazy challenge vehicles
  • 1 new reward car for finishing the career
  • New & improved career events
  • Several new paint jobs for existing vehicles
  • Additional daytimes for all tracks
  • ... and some more cool stuff!