Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program Details

Microsoft Studios outlines a roadmap (perhaps a flight plan would be a better term) for Microsoft Flight Simulator (thanks DSOGaming). Or as an AVSIM member post they quote says, "Update to an update about an update." Word is they plan on kicking off the insider program for the next installment in the high flying series soon:
Within the next few weeks we’ll be providing the official release date for the Development Roadmap, in the meantime, we’d like to share a few of the deliverables from this plan:

  • August (Early/Mid) – Insider Program kickoff
    • First batch of content for the Insider Program members is being prepared for delivery:
      • Advanced preview of the Development Roadmap
      • “In-Sim” content – clips captured from build.
      • Preview Build Program – Detailed information on first build deliverable, Insider participation sign-up
  • August (Mid/Late) – Development Roadmap Release (v.2019.08/drr1)
    • Development beats through EOY 2019
      • Build Program Recruitment and Release timeline
      • SDK Update
      • 3rd Party Content Update
      • UGC Content Update
  • August (Late) – Build Program Kickoff
    • Preview Build Program – Detailed information on first preview build deliverable
    • Preview Build Program – Public Participation sign-up
    • Preview Build Program – Preview of next build details