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Sigma on Overwatch PTR

A new version of the Overwatch PTR includes the first chance to play Sigma, the newest hero for Blizzard's multiplayer shooter. There's a new Developer Update Video where Jeff Kaplan introduces the character and discusses his role in the game. Here's word:
Join Jeff Kaplan as he discusses Overwatch’s 31st hero: Sigma! He provides some insight into his back story, abilities, and overall strategy. Sigma is currently available for testing on the PTR.

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood, Use of Tobacco, Violence.

00:08 – Jeff introduces our newest hero—Sigma!
00:17 – The backstory of Sigma
01:45 – The gameplay of the new tank hero, Sigma
02:14 – Sigma secondary ability, the Experimental Barrier
03:20 – The Hyperspheres
04:03 – Sigma’s primary ability, Kinetic Grasp
04:44 – Accretion
05:16 – Sigma’s ultimate ability, Gravitic Flux
07:09 – Thanks for joining us and have fun testing Sigma on the PTR!