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Out of the Blue

My mention of the air conditioning here spurred a question from 1badmf about the life-altering impact of this aspect of our move. It's definitely true that despite the fact that we moved a bit north, the AC is more crucial here. We don't have central air, however, just three wall units to cool the main floor and two bedrooms.

This is a contrast from our old brick house, which had high ceilings and loads of shade that made it naturally cool. We did have a window unit for the main floor we'd eventually drag out almost every summer. But this got light use, just to help the very hottest days. And we never needed AC in the bedrooms where the ceiling fans were more than sufficient when the sun went down. The only place air conditioning was a real necessity was my office, which was a converted attic that got positively sweltering at times.

We now have the opposite of before. My office now is on the lower level where it is naturally cool like a basement since the front half of that is below ground. So we came from a place where my office was the only place AC was really required to a place where it's the only place that isn't.

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