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Valve Developing 2 Half-Life Games? HLVR/Citadel Leaks

A new video from Tyler McVicker takes a look at some Source 2 engine information gleaned from a new low-level update for Dota 2. Tyler thinks this points to a new project called Citadel that was referenced briefly in previous code snippets. While Tyler says "I'm not going to be doing the normal Valve News Network thing. There isn't enough to go off of here. And I'm not going to be throwing up baseless speculation on what this game could be. However, it needs to be stressed, this is a separate project in Source 2. The only other projects that exist are Dota 2, HLVR, and Left 4 Dead 3. Citadel is a new part of this list." That said, he caps off the video with some post-credits speculation that Citadel is a stealth game based on a cancelled Nintendo Switch RTS game called Half-Life Tactics. But we digress. He also makes the case that the VR project Valve is working on is Half-Life VR. Here's more:
Now, at the same time that we found this new reference to Citadel, we have more stuff in relation to HLVR, and this game *has* to be under crunch time. Because I have it on *very* good authority that the Half-Life game that Valve has been developing for at least three years is the flagship VR game that Gabe Newell has doubled down on a few times. Both at the Index press launch party, and through email directly from community members.
But this needs to be stressed: HLVR is very heavily in development, and we've known about it for at least three years. That has been confirmed through anonymous sources directly to me, and I know a lot of you are sick of hearing about "anonymous sources," but it has been confirmed to me that the flagship VR title is the Half-Life game, and now we have this completely different game, codenamed Citadel, that has a lot of things related to stealth, AI pathfinding, and a top view minimap.