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RUNE II Preorders Get Deathmatch Beta Access

Preorders of RUNE II are now underway on the Epic Games Store, and word is purchasing the savage Viking combat sequel includes access to the game's deathmatch beta that will run for the next three games. Here's a new How To Become A Viking Trailer along with the details:
Ragnarok approaches! Human Head Studios announced today that warriors can now pre-order its upcoming action RPG RUNE II and gain access to the Deathmatch beta! With pre-order purchases, players will also be granted exclusive weapons, armor, maps, and the game’s soundtrack, along with instant access to the Deathmatch beta from July 18 - July 20. It’s kill or be killed in this action packed bloodfest - are you strong enough to survive?

Not sure how to be a Viking? Check out the newly released ‘How to Become a Viking!’ trailer, where aspiring warriors can study the steps to becoming a true Norse legend! Drink Mead! Eat Lizards! Mmm Delicious!

The Deathmatch beta for RUNE II will run daily from July 18 to 20. The schedule is below (all times are EST):

July 18: 2PM - 8PM
July 19: 2PM - 8PM
July 20: 9AM - 3PM

In RUNE II's fast-paced Deathmatch mode, kill your friends, your enemies, and your frenemies with a variety of different weapons, such as swords, spears, axes, war hammers, and even human limbs. Rush to control the divine chests that drop across the field and you'll be handsomely rewarded. With consumable runes that grant you godly powers like the ability to call down Mjolnir's lightning or a short teleport behind your opponents, death is always a left click away. Will it be your opponents...or yours?