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CCP Plans 10,000 Player Space Battle

CCP Games announces EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two, an upcoming multiplayer play test spinoff of EVE Online planned for August 18th. This will attempt to place 10,000 players in the same battle, powered by developer Hadean's Aether Engine, which is designed to push the boundaries of cloud-based MMOG technology. Participation is free, and those interested in taking part can sign up on this page. You can get a look at what they are working on in this video and read on for further details:
London-based tech start-up Hadean and CCP Games, creators of the biggest single-shard spaceship MMO game of all time EVE Online, have revealed the date for their hugely ambitious EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two playtest – Sunday 18 August.

Announced at EVE North, EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is the next iteration of the partnership between Hadean and CCP Games that resulted in the original EVE Aether Wars, the ground-breaking tech demo that brought together 3,852 players in a single battle that saw the destruction of 88,988 spaceships live at Game Developers Conference earlier this year.

Phase Two is even bigger and better, with Hadean and CCP Games targeting 10,000 players in a single battle while also offering a richer, deeper gameplay experience that aims to set a new world record in large-scale multiplayer simulation. EVE Aether Wars: Phase Two is a rare opportunity for players to take part in a massively multiplayer space battle involving thousands of players while helping to advance CCP and Hadean’s research and development initiative.