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Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood Knocks Up Steam

Developer Andrew G. Schneider announces he's knocked up Windows and macOS with the release of Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood on Steam. This is the PC version of a hybrid text-based RPG based on the legends of the altruistic outlaw. This trailer shows off the game, and the announcement has the details:
As showcased in the launch trailer, you'll be able to forge your destiny and fight to liberate Nottingham in this epic story-driven RPG blending a text-based adventure with resource management and base building set within a lushly-illustrated Sherwood Forest.

Define the deeds and identity of Robin Hood, outlaw of Sherwood Forest; recruit allies, forge alliances, find love; and chart a path between war, negotiation, and dangerous magics. Your choices are remembered and your actions shape the world, but you canít do it alone.

Originally launched on iOS in 2017, Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood comes to Steam with over 100,000 additional words added and restructured game mechanics.

Developer, Andrew G. Schneider said: "Nockedís desktop launch is more than just an additional hundred thousand words, hundreds of pieces of new art, and an hour of music; itís a complete restructuring of the game, where narrative begets mechanics to create a complete story-based RPG experience."