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Rainbow Six Siege Top Issues

The Rainbow Six Website runs down a list of "Top Issues and Community Concerns" for Rainbow Six Siege, offering a status report on their efforts towards remedying these (thanks MP1ST). These cover sound bugs, connectivity issues, smoke clipping, weapon sight misalignment, inconsistent shotgun destruction, echo yokai cloaking, and more. The list includes the two top balance issues they've identified:
We have seen a high ban rate for Blitz, Jackal, Echo, and Caveira in Ranked.
Status: We are discussing how we want to approach topic of balancing around Pick/Ban in Ranked, and the Operators that are affected the most by it.

Adjustments to the damage curve for Smokeís Gas Canister will move Smoke further towards an area denial role.
Status: [On Hold] We are satisfied overall with how this is developing, but but need to put it on hold until other dependencies are delivered.