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Bakery Simulator in October

Live Motion Games studio officially announces Bakery Simulator, a tycoon/simulation game where the player can make their bread by making bread. This is expected on Steam in October, unless they start loafing, and they are also cooking up console versions that should rise next year. They promise a "high level of realism," so this seems distinct from the Baking Simulator Steam Greenlight Trailer from five years ago which recalls the uncoordinated controls of Surgeon Simulator. This trailer shows off the game, which still seems pretty nutty, what with setting the kitchen on fire and rolling the delivery truck, but maybe that's why bakers get up early enough that we never see that side of the business. Here's word:
In October 2019, Bakery Simulator will debut on PC. The new game will allow you to make a career in the bakery industry. Live Motion Games studio announces that the title will stand out, among other things, with its high level of realism and expanded opportunities for business development. The gameplay is based on work in a bakery and the timely delivery of bread. In 2020, the simulator will also appear on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch...