Goat of Duty Early Access

Goat of Duty is now available in Early Access on Steam, offering a multiplayer first-person shooter. As you can infer from the title, this puts you in the role of an armed goat, and the game's competitive nature will give you a chance to bleat the opposition into submission. You can goat to YouTube for a launch trailer with a look at gameplay, and read on for more details if this has you feeling horny:
In this Early Access version of the game you can play 4 game modes: Free For All, Gun Deathmatch and Herd Wars (Team Deathmatch), plus the exclusive game mode Fus Ro Arena, where players compete armed only with their horns and the Fus Ro Bleat gun. Also, you can choose between 25 different goatstumes (skins) that you can unlock as you level up in the game to show everybody who is king of the arena in a game that supports high refresh rates (from 75 to 200Hz) to have every single frame of your goat under control with a one click matchmaking so you can jump right into the crazy action. Play as a dangerous goat biker from the feared band Goats of Anarchy, or as the adventurous Goat Lara, or the fearsome Goat of War. And of course, Goat of Duty will receive updates and new content during its Early Access period. Do not worry, you won’t run out of goats!