More G2A Follow-up

The recent post on the G2A Website has an update from the keyseller following user feedback to their original post and a petition asking G2A to Stop selling indie titles that was started by Mike Rose. This all began with comments from some developers saying they'd prefer to have their games pirated over being purchased from G2A, alleging that shady practices keep them from seeing any revenue from such sales. Now G2A attempts to clarify one of the points many have seized upon, and says they will come back "in a couple of days" with a solution:
We received lots of feedback – both positive and negative. Developers themselves have offered some ideas and suggestions regarding the ways we can solve the issues they have with our platform. We need some time to put it all together. We’ll get back to you in the next couple of days with a solution.

Of all the negative comments, the following sentence was the most common:
“G2A admits they’re the problem because if not them, someone else would do it anyways”

Some developers cannot accept the fact that people have full rights to re-sell the things they own. It’s a problem for those developers, but not for us or anyone else. And certainly not for gamers who have access to cheaper products, games included, thanks to marketplaces such as G2A.

What we are saying is: “It’s a good thing that people can re-sell keys and, with or without G2A, they will continue to do so.”