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Out of the Blue

Things are getting real for our plan to move next week. I spent some time yesterday cancelling some services and transferring others to our new address. We also had a visit/walkthrough from the folks buying our house so their children can see what they will come back to after going off to summer camp. They were very nice and excited about it all. We are very happy that they seem to love this place as much as we do, as it feels like we're leaving it in good hands. All this activity is going to impact the site about the next week, so I apologize in advance for any disruptions. The first of these may be later today, as there's a good chance that I'll be unavailable after midday, so it's likely there won't be a late update this evening. I may be wrong about that, but if I'm not, there will be some catch-up posts tomorrow. Either way, I expect things to return to normal by next weekend. Thanks for any patience you can muster for this.

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