Steam Redesign Shown

A post on Steam offers a look at the upcoming redesigned user interface for Valve's online gaming platform. They offer images of what this looks like, and directions for content providers to upload new assets to fit the new format. Word is they are weeks away from a public beta:
In March at GDC we announced that the Steam Library is getting an overhaul. The new Library brings together a player’s experience with a game and new content/communications from the developer and community in a richer, more visual layout.

You can start uploading and previewing the new assets today

We are weeks away from the public beta of this new feature set; now is the time to start uploading new assets for your updated library presence. Download the library asset templates here

Steam will create a fallback treatment for both the capsule and header treatment, but adding your branding assets is the best way to showcase your products in your customer’s Steam libraries.

This treatment will apply to all products on Steam, so we encourage you to back-fill older products so they look their best.