RAGE 2 Roadmap

Bethesda.net offers an E3 2019 trailer for RAGE 2, offering a look at the future of the shooter sequel in a clip styled after an 80s television intro. The clip shows off the free weekly content coming to the game, as well as a glimpse of the Rise of the Ghosts expansion coming later this year. Here's the roadmap:
Oh, that’s right. It’s a bunch of awesome free shit, including new vehicles like the pilotable Mech and the one-wheeled Armadillo, new dynamic events, new Cheats, and so. Much. More. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Wow. Why are they giving all this stuff away for free?” That’s a stupid question. It’s because we just love you guys, like, so much. We would give you the moon if that weren’t such a stupid gift. Seriously, where would you keep a moon? That’s not a present; it’s a responsibility. Take a look at the latest RAGE 2 trailer for a sneak peak at everything coming up and get the full breakdown of everything you’ll see below.

Here’s everything you’ll have access to over the next month:

  • Pilotable Mech “Boom Bringer” vehicle – Mechs aren’t just for the River Hogs anymore. Hop into the new Boom Bringer Mech and…. Well, bring the boom. And the explosions. And the mindboggling amounts of pain.
  • Global Worming dynamic event – Aside from having a really excellent name, the Global Worming event introduces the Sand Worm, a massive new enemy that will require all your Ranger skills to take down.
  • Bug Swarm dynamic event – Don’t you love leaving your house in the warmer months and immediately being assaulted by millions of flying insects? Yeah, neither do we. Let’s kill all those little bastards.
  • One-wheeled “Armadillo” vehicle – The name is cute, and if you ask us, the vehicle is pretty cute, too. Cute in an “Oh god, it’s coming this way and it’s not slowing down and it’s going to run right over me” kind of way. So maybe not that cute. Definitely rad, though. (Did you know that armadillos can transmit leprosy to humans? So cute!)
  • “Ghost” motorcycle – Be the edgiest kid in the wasteland with the new Ghost motorcycle. A hint of what’s to come in the upcoming Rise of the Ghosts expansion, perhaps?
  • Stanley Express missions – Visit key locations around the map and find Stanley, an excellent source of missions and a machine-shaped friend.
  • New Cheats – Get the TV fatal and OzzyMan voice packs, the Rejector Seat Cheat, and more!
  • New weapon skins
  • New Daily Events
  • New Wasteland Challenges and Community Events

The trailer also teased the Rise of the Ghosts expansion, which is coming later this year. This huge expansion will add an entirely new questline, region to explore, and faction to the game, in addition to a new weapon and ability to add to your already impressive arsenal.

The teams at Avalanche and id Software have been listening to your comments and feedback and are also working on new difficulty modes and a New Game+ mode, and we’ll have more on that in the coming weeks.