The Outer Worlds in October

The E3 2019 trailer for The Outer Worlds offers a look at Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming sci-fi RPG with a look at some of the failed promises of a utopian future and the arrival of a newcomer to unravel a mysterious conspiracy. The clip includes a release date, saying the game is coming to Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 25th (putting an end to a rumor this would come in August). Here's the description of the clip:
Lost in transit while on a colonist ship bound for the furthest edge of the galaxy, you awake decades later only to find yourself in the midst of a deep conspiracy threatening to destroy the Halcyon colony. As you explore the furthest reaches of space and encounter various factions, all vying for power, the character you decide to become will determine how this player-driven story unfolds. In the corporate equation for the colony, you are the unplanned variable.