Out of the Blue

Well, now that it's over, that was a fun and exciting E3, with lots of new announcements, some of which we're still getting to this morning. What? The show doesn't start until tomorrow? Well okay then! The good news is we'll hopefully be all caught up in time for the PC Gaming Show today at 1:00 pm EDT. This is a more convenient time slot than the past couple of shows, though this makes it a bit early for any game announcement drinking games.

Showy Links: Thanks Ant.
Links: 10 Video Games That Blatantly Ripped Off Iconic Franchises.
Stories: Prison Dogs of Angola. Thanks RedEye9.
"Dark Phoenix" To Lose $100M+ For Fox.
Florida motorcyclist gets hit by lightning and dies in crash.
(Thanks Max)
Algorithm provides customized caffeine strategy for alertness.
Gut bacteria may change the way many drugs work in the body.
Entangled aluminium ion is world’s best timekeeper.
Media: Time travel instruction video (1980s).
Why Are There so Many Types of Screws?!
Animated Commentary - American Football - Superbowl special.
The Funnies: Dilbert.
Adult Children.