Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Footage

The promised presentation of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is complete, which involved a lot of screaming, along with some information. EA also showed off 15 minutes of uncut gameplay footage from this third-person, single-player action/adventure that's set after the execution of Order 66 that wiped out most of the Jedi in Star Wars Episode 3 (the video also includes a humorous "at least we have the high ground" reference). This shows your character doing Star Wars stuff as well as some more commonplace adventuring like Tarzan swinging on vines and using your lightsaber as a flashlight. Never fear, it also features combat where you use it as a weapon, along with various Force powers, aided by a droid/backpack. Respawn's Vince Zampella and Stig Asmussen also answered questions about gameplay, perhaps most significantly saying this game will not tempt you to the dark side, and protagonist Cal Kestis will remain a good guy throughout.