Interstellar Transport Company Leaves Early Access

Interstellar Transport Company is now out of Early Access, and version 1.0 if this Windows, macOS, and Linux management simulation is now available on Steam. The full release is discussed in detail in this post, which includes the full patch notes and offers various helpful links, including this video tutorial to help get new players off on the right foot. Here's what to expect from the game:
Build a galactic transportation empire! Help colonize the galaxy and dominate the competition in single player and online multiplayer. Use your business cunning to take your fledgling company from humble beginnings on Earth and it's neighboring planets and moons to the far reaches of the Galaxy. Buy ships, manage routes, research technologies, conduct trade deals, build infrastructure, setup autonomous transportation networks, colonize new worlds, invest in local industry; All set in a scientifically-grounded procedurally generated galaxy. With challenging AI, and Online Multiplayer, you will have a new experience every time you play!