Out of the Blue

Here's a new Terminator: Dark Fate Teaser Trailer. This capturing my interest makes me feel guilty, as I recognize this is part of the problem with geeky fandom. Sci-fi fans like myself are too willing to stick with endless attempts at sequels to properties after one or two good movies. The Predator, Aliens, Star Wars, Robocop... the list goes on. There have already been three disappointing Terminator sequels after two great movies, so if this one turns out to be good, the series will at least be 50/50. But this probably just confirms that not every good movie needs to become a franchise. At least from a story standpoint. I understand that corporations have to corporate. I don't really have a solution to offer though, as the heart wants what the heart wants. As I write about this, I have to admit to myself that I'll probably go to the theater to see Star Wars episode IX, knowing in advance there's an incredible chance I'll find it disappointing. I feel so used.

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