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Moonshiners The Game Announced

Watch out for the revenuers, as Discovery announces Moonshiners The Game, a project expected in fall 2020 based on the Moonshiners television series. As can be inferred from the title, this is based on the age old, albeit illegal, art of home whiskey distillation. The game already has a Steam listing, and while this doesn't have a video, it has a bunch of stills (sorry) to show how this game looks. With the promise of more details soon, they provide the following feature list:
Moonshiners main features:

  • Build your own unique apparatus inspired by designs of fabled moonshiners
  • Make your own moonshine recipes or find legendary recipes in the game world
  • Watch out for the police and Feds - you can run or maybe it's better to bribe them?
  • Discover the atmosphere of the Appalachians: alcohol smuggling, police raids, forest stills and the beauty of misty and mysterious forests.
  • Write a new page in the Moonshine history! Will you become a new legend like Popcorn Sutton or Barney Barnwell?
  • Decide who you will deliver to and who will have to wait - but remember you are not the only moonshiner in the area and the competition may use any delay.