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Out of the Blue

Robert Pattinson Is "The Batman." There's a little backtracking in there, so this may not be official. But if it is, this not the best news from my point of view. It's not that I was on team whathisname, it's more irritation at Twilight in general. Of course the series was not targeted at me, so that's fine. And I'm always impressed when actors surprise us when they defy expectations or typecasting, so I'll keep an open mind in case I can end up pleasantly surprised. From the rumors I was actually pretty certain that Kit Harington would land the role, in spite of being a bit vertically challenged. I guess, like Jon Snow, I know nothing.

R.I.P.: Grumpy Cat dies aged seven: 'Some days are grumpier than others.' Thanks David.

I'm Linksman!: Thanks Ant.
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