Rocket Arena Announced; Closed Beta Next Week

Nexon reveals Rocket Arena, a rocket-centric, 3v3 multiplayer shooter in development at Final Strike with cross-platform support for Steam and Xbox One. A Rocket Arena Website is online offering details about the game, and signups for a one-week closed beta that gets underway on May 23rd. They also promise beta testers free gifts and the chance to earn rewards. If this title sparks nostalgia for the 1990s, its probably because it uses the name of a popular QUAKE mod from back in the day, so it's fitting that the short video introducing the game is set to Tubthumping, the Chumbawamba hit from 1997. IGN took the chance to talk with Final Strike CEO Kevin Franklin about the work going into creating a "shooter where no one dies," since the object is to bounce opposing players off the map with rocket concussions. Here's more:
Rocket Arena is a unique take on First Person Shooters, where the very method you use taking out opponents has an explosive change: Battle is won not by putting enemies into the dirt, but to send them blasting off into the sky!

Every character has their own loadout of bombs, traps, spells and, yes, rockets that send enemies caught within them flying. The more damage they take, the further they'll be hurtled around by each and every strike until they're knocked out of the arena!

With a variety of unique characters with different rockets and abilities to master, rapid-fire matches that keep the energy high and a selection of maps and game modes to shake things up, there's plenty for you to enjoy during the Closed Beta and when Rocket Arena officially launches!