Ubisoft Financials - Skull & Bones Delayed

Ubisoft's fourth quarter misses company's expectations report Reuters in reflecting the company's Q4 results. Here's word: "French video game producer Ubisoft on Wednesday reported fourth-quarter net bookings of 676.7 million euros, below company’s expectations of approximately 698.0 million euros. Fourth-quarter sales stood at 516.5 million euros ($578.69 million), also missing the company’s target of around 571.0 million euros." The full-year 2018-19 earnings figures offer further detail. In a related note, Game Informer has word from their post-earnings conference call saying Ubisoft "revealed that three 'unannounced' titles will be arriving between January and March 2020," so you can breathe a sigh of relief if you were concerned the company would not be releasing games in the coming year. On the down side, Skull & Bones will not be one of them, as they note it's been delayed until March 2020 at the earliest.