Tech Corp. Next Month

Publisher 2tainment GmbH and developer Mardonpol announce a release date for Tech Corp., saying this strategy simulation will come to Windows on June 20th. This will allow the player the chance to run their own tech startup beginning in the late 1990s. The game's Steam Listing is online, calling this an Early Access game, but offers no way to actually pick up a copy, and the game's announcement trailer only states that you can now wishlist the game. Here are some details:
With an in-game timeline starting in the late ‘90s and continuing on into the present year, Tech Corp. challenges players to take leadership of a small start-up. They’ll begin by choosing which country to launch the company, hire employees, develop, manufacture and launch their first product — then the worldwide tech industry takeover begins! Along with the ability to design, produce, and launch a variety of tech products, players are also responsible for taking them through to a successful global launch. Just about everything can be managed and customized in Tech Corp., from the memory space in a console’s hard drive to the logos on the cases for the video games players create!

Along with the design, production, and marketing of products, special apps similar to Steam, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify can be developed. With this, players create games, television shows, movies, YouTube channels, and music playlists for each respective platform — all of which receive real-time comments and feedback from the in-game public.