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Out of the Blue

Like the escapees of the Matrix, I and many other Knicks fans hinged our hopes on Zion. But after the NBA lottery I'm like Morpheus. "I have dreamed a dream... but now that dream has gone from me." Actually, I don't follow college hoops enough to have a strong opinion on the draft class, I'm just taking the word of the experts on this. But with the expanded lottery, this could have been so much worse. So it's hard to deny things are looking up for Dolan's Dolts. With the third pick in the draft, a ton of cap space, and signs in the tea leaves the team may well sign some top talent free agents, things are about as optimistic for the Knicks as they could possibly be for a team that had the worst record in the league.

R.I.P.: Machiko Kyo, Japanese Actress, Dies at 95.

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