Sean Murray on Fixing No Man's Sky

This video from a 2019 GDC Main Stage session features Sean Murray of Hello Games discussing the initial launch of No Man's Sky (thanks Ant). He addresses the negative reception their space exploration game met with and the challenges they faced in getting things on the right track. The description has a more detailed outline:
A small and unlikely team was behind one of the most ambitious and anticipated games of 2016. In this 2019 GDC Main Stage session, Hello Games' Sean Murray takes us behind the scenes during the intense and dramatic launch of one the biggest selling new IPs in recent years. He demonstrates how his team found the grit to deal with releasing an innovative and polarizing game into an increasingly vocal gaming landscape, and details how through determination and love in 2019 they have built to record player numbers and positivity amongst their most negative detractors. This candid and open discussion will show the power of focusing on what you do, rather than what you say, in the face of adversity.