Borderlands 3 Announced

Gearbox Software made the expected announcement of their next Borderlands game by officially announcing Borderlands 3 to cap off their just-completed PAX East presentation. They showed a gameplay video revealing a strong resemblance to Borderlands 2, which is probably not going to disappoint many fans. This includes cel shaded graphics, returning characters, and word the game will include a "billion guns." Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford says they've been working on this for five years, but did not discuss when it is expected for release. There's more on the way about this soon, as the clip concludes saying "see more April 3, 2019," and the description reads, "Check out the Borderlands 3 Developer Trailer and prepare for an all-new mayhem-fueled adventure! Visit on April 3 for more info." The presentation began with Randy poking fun at the genre of the moment, saying, "Battle Royales are fun... that's not what we're making." He also noted the new game will include some returning characters like Tiny Tina (though she's a little older now), but that the inclusion of Handsome Jack in the teaser video was a red herring "because we're assholes," going on to say Jack is not returning to the game because (spoiler alert) "he's dead! You killed him!" After a break Randy reappeared and introduced a new Borderlands physical card game with a magic trick before playing mind games by saying that this was the Borderlands announcement they were teasing. But from the start he promised they were going to "end big," which lead to the announcement of Borderlands 3 as a climax to the proceedings.