There's a PUBG 2nd Anniversary Letter on Steam celebrating the second anniversary of the release of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, which kicked off a battle royale craze that continues to this day. Word is: "We’ve witnessed a gaming revolution with the birth of the Battle Royale genre, grew and learned together through beta and early access, and watched our game rise from a small title developed by an even smaller team to one of the most played games in the world. We’ve chosen this day as our overall PUBG anniversary for all platforms, as we felt it best reflects our game’s humble beginnings." This includes a video with a special message from CH Kim, the CEO of PUBG Corporation. The video is in Kim's native Korean, but it features English subtitles. Here's a bit on their plans going forward:
But just because we’re celebrating how far we’ve come doesn’t mean we’re not aware of what we still need to accomplish. We’re currently deep into planning improvements to our first map, Erangel. The first changes in this process, increasing and improving loot, have already deployed to test servers, where we welcome your feedback.

We can never properly thank you for your unparalleled support, but on a day such as this, we are happy, we are humbled, and we are more dedicated than ever to making PUBG the best game it can possibly be.