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Out of the Blue

In a recent forum post I mentioned a little work is going on behind-the-scenes here. I'll stay vague for now to build suspense, so feel free to suspend yourself. But I do want to note that we're retiring a couple of really old-school features that have been part of the site for a couple of decades now. First is the .plan tracker. At one point this was an amazing source of game news, as many developers used their .plans to directly communicate with their audience. This has obviously been superseded by Twitter and other social media, and the use of .plan files has fallen by the wayside (for the record, the last three posts the tracker recorded were in August 2013, February 2007, and December 2005). The other obsolete function that's departing is the LAN Parties tracker. At one point LAN parties were major happenings, but once again the internet has taken its toll, and it's now so easy to play with others online that lugging computers from place to place has ceased to be a thing (ironic, since said lugging is 1000% easier in these days of LCD/LED monitors). For those with a remaining interest in such face-to-face gaming, the LAN Party List Website is still online, though this helps illustrate the point, since it lists fewer than a dozen events still to come in 2019.

Retiring Links: Thanks Ant.
Links: Man returns to his car to find a koala chilling in air-conditioned comfort.
These Are the World’s Most Expensive Cities. Thanks LinkedIn.
Stories: Politician who opposed mandatory chickenpox vaccine has been hospitalized after getting chickenpox.
"Terminator" Sequel Is Officially "Dark Fate." In case you were hoping for a happy ending.
Science: Sugary drinks linked to 31 percent higher risk of early death, study finds.
The war on ‘prediabetes’ could be a boon for pharma—but is it good medicine? Thanks Max.
Media: ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Teaser Trailer (HD).
M249 Reload - PUBG Logic (ridiculously long reload times).
Pringles - Rice Fusion on Vimeo. Thanks C W.
Follow-up: Scientists explain why we're just now learning about a giant meteor that exploded over Earth last year.
The Funnies: Dog Debate Club Cartoon - Savage Chickens.

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