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Apex Legends Cheaters Hit With Permanent Hardware Bans

Players caught cheating at Apex Legends are now receiving permanent hardware bans, reports Daily Esports, who say this is a hot topic on the wretched hives of scum and villainy where cheats are shared (thanks Game Rant). Some players attempt to cheat in most every online game, and bans are a common way to combat this, but this can be frustrating in free-to-play games like Apex Legends where banned players can simply register for new accounts. By taking the more drastic measure of banning the hardware used by cheaters, Respawn is sending a clear message of genuine zero tolerance for such behavior. Word is that any account made on flagged hardware is banned within 30 minutes. The report offers an example from Reddit of a cheater who posted that their ban persisted even after they changed HWID, vol id, and Mac address, and after formatting their PC, performing a factory reset, changing their dynamic IP, partitioning their hard drives, and even installing an older GPU. If that all isn't enough to make your day, the schadenfreude actually gets better:

While there are some ways (difficult as they may be) around Respawn’s hardware ban, most cheaters are still furious. Their anger isn’t just directed at Respawn, but at the websites or companies that sold them the cheats. A good majority of these cheats cost anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on the program. That is a lot of money to pay to have your account banned a day later. However, the websites that sell these cheats are promising the buyers undetectable and unbannable hacks. While some of these do get through the Anti-Cheat software, many are being flagged and leaving the buyers unable to play Apex on the same PC again.

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