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Phoenix Point an Epic Games Store Exclusive

Upcoming turn-based tactics game Phoenix Point will launch on the Epic Games Store as a one-year exclusive, as explained by a post on the Phoenix Point website (thanks Orosian). Snapshot Games CEO and Phoenix Point creative director Julian Gollop makes the announcement and explains what this means to this spiritual successor to the X-COM series he created back in the 1990s. This news is not being received very well, as there is considerable backlash in the comments on Fig from those who have supported the game's crowdfunding efforts (thanks Scott). In an effort to smooth things over Snapshot is offering a season pass of sorts, as those who have backed the project will receive the first year of DLC for free. They will be holding an AMA on the Phoenix Point subreddit today at 3:00 pm EDT to discuss this future. Here are the details:
Hi! Iím Julian Gollop, the creative director of Phoenix Point and the CEO of Snapshot Games.

I have some major news to share: we have signed a deal with Epic Games to bring Phoenix Point exclusively to the Epic Games Store for its first year of release on PC and Mac.

This deal is a real game changer for our studio, because, thanks to Epicís support, it is certain that we will be able to update and expand Phoenix Point for years to come.

We want to share our success with all the backers who have helped us get here, so we have a special benefit to announce: if you backed or pre-ordered Phoenix Point at any time since our crowdfunding campaign until today, you will receive a year of free DLC.

Thatís right - every piece of paid DLC we release for Phoenix Point during our first year will be automatically added to your Epic Store account when you redeem your key.

We recognize that some of you may have backed or pre-ordered Phoenix Point with an expectation of the platform youíd be able to play it on, and that this update changes that.

If for any reason you are not happy with this change, we will be happy to offer you a full refund and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ below for answers.

We will be hosting an AMA on the Phoenix Point subreddit tomorrow - please stop by and weíll do our best to answer any more questions you have for us.

Thatís tomorrow, Wednesday March 13th on the Phoenix Point subreddit at 12pm Pacific time, 7pm UK time. Weíll update this post with the link when the AMA goes live.

Iíd like to thank you for all your support, and Iím looking forward to sharing more of what weíve been working on with you very soon.