RAPE DAY Steam Listing

Steam now lists a game called RAPE DAY, saying this will be released next month (thanks Eurogamer.net). It looks like this listing is a couple of weeks old, as there are previous updates dating back a bit. The titles and topics of these updates are Controversy, Comparisons to Active Shooter, and Baby Killing Scene (SPOILERS), suggesting some trolling is going on, but that must be a mistaken impression, since Valve said that "straight up trolling" is one of the only things (besides illegality) that they say will get games removed since they announced they were allowing more games to be listed on the service. Here's a description of the game, which seems likely to spark debate over the degree of free speech players are comfortable with from an adventure game:
Control the choices of a menacing serial killer rapist during a zombie apocalypse. Verbally harass, kill, and rape women as you choose to progress the story.

It's a dangerous world with no laws. The zombies enjoy eating the flesh off warm humans and brutally raping them but you are the most dangerous rapist in town.

Rape Day is a choice driven visual novel. It does not include grinding or any other time wasting activities. So skip the foreplay and enjoy your Rape Day; you deserve it.