Touhou Luna Nights Dawns

An update to Touhou Luna Nights on Steam brings this Metroidvania-style platformer for Windows to version 1.0 and marks the game's emergence from Early Access. To celebrate, the game is on sale for 20% off, and it is included in a Game Magazine Bundle for 36% off, a Touhou-Inspired Bundle for 16% off, and a PLAYISM Metroidvania bundle for 15% off. Here's a trailer, and here are some details:
Touhou Luna Nights is a Japanese 2D action-exploration (Metroidvania) game released to Steam Early Access in August 2018. The main character is Sakuya Izayoi, brought over from the popular Touhou Project series. Featuring Sakuya’s power of controlling time and hardcore knife battles beautifully rendered in sprite animation, the Touhou Project’s “grazing” system adds extra fun to the action, allowing you to recover HP and MP by closing in on enemies and further spicing up the fight.

Touhou Luna Nights has enjoyed huge popularity with players thanks to its beautiful sprite animations for finely detailed movements and its slew of Touhou Project character-specific moves based on their respective special powers, and boasts a 98% positive rating on Steam. Additionally, taking advantage of the features of Early Access, the developers have answered fans’ requests with the addition of high attacks, customizable button configuration, and more.