Apex Legends Reveal Today

The rumor that EA will today unveil a new game called Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment is confirmed. A tweet from Vince Zampella teases the news with a trollish screenshot and a subsequent tweet tips us to tune into Twitch today at 11:00 am EST for a reveal. It is expected that this will turn out to be a battle royale game based on the mech combat of Respawn's Titanfall, and we should learn more soon enough. Word is "Our stream starts at 8am pt and we’ll tell you everything about Apex Legends. Everything." One further tweet from Vince clarifies that they won't actually get to the heart of the matter until closer to noon Pacific time, which is 3:00 pm on the east coast:
I want to clarify, 8am pst starts the @PlayApex teaser stream. It’s super cool, but it leads up to the full reveal of everything at noon. So you probably don’t have to call in sick, just fake food poisoning at lunch and go home early.